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Boiler Operation And Safety

($850 per person)

This class is designed for those responsible for boiler and steam plant operation. This would include schools, hospitals, manufacturing plants, and many others.   


Course Length: 3 Days 8am-4pm

Prerequisite: None



  • Boiler Types and Construction

  • Low Pressure and High Pressure Boilers

  • Boiler Safety Devices

  • Steam Accessories

  • Hot Water Heating Systems

  • Fuels and Combustion

  • Boiler Controls

  • Feedwater Systems

  • Boiler Water Chemistry

  • Boiler Operation Procedures

  • Boiler Room Safety

About The Instructor:


Ron Auvil has 37 years of Boiler, HVAC and Controls Experience. Ron is a Licensed Steam Plant Engineer in Multiple Jurisdictions. Ron has written the steam plant training curriculum for the State of South Carolina. He has taught boiler classes across the US and has over 35 years classroom experience. He has also taught Boiler, HVAC and controls classes across the United States for Johnson Controls, Honeywell, and others. He has written various textbooks on HVAC and Control Systems from American Technical Publishers.