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Commercial HVAC Systems Bootcamp

($850 per person)

This class is designed as an in-depth fast paced introduction to typical HVAC Systems found in today’s commercial buildings. A stress is placed on actual real world troubleshooting scenarios and problems.

Prerequisite: None, This is a perfect class for those new to Commercial HVAC Systems

Course Length: 3 Days 8am-4pm

Prerequisite: None



  • HVAC Environment, Systems, and Controls

  • Psychrometrics, Air Properties, and HVAC   Processes

  • Control System Fundamentals

  • Reset Control Strategies

  • Controlled Devices: Valves, Dampers, and  Actuators

  • Hot/Chilled Water Distribution Systems

  • Control Strategies for Water Distribution Systems

  • Hot/Chilled Water Terminal Systems- Troubleshooting

  • Control Strategies for Water Terminal Systems

  • Chillers, Towers and Chiller Plant Control Troubleshooting

  • Air Distribution Systems

  • Control Strategies for Air Distribution Systems and Troubleshooting

  • 100% OA System Control Strategies

  • Mixed Air System Control Strategies

  • Variable Air Volume Control Strategies and Troubleshooting

  • VAV Terminal Unit Control Strategies and Troubleshooting

About The Instructor:

Ron Auvil has 37 years of HVAC and Controls Experience. He has worked as a senior controls technician for Johnson Controls. He has also HVAC and Controls classes across the United States for Johnson Controls, Honeywell, and others. He has written a textbook, ‘HVAC and Refrigeration Systems’ Edition, from American Technical Publishers. This textbook is being used as the standard textbook by the United Association Pipefitters.