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DDC Control Systems Bootcamp

($570 per person)

If you are a new to DDC Systems this class is for YOU!. This class will equip you with the information you need to work with today’s modern DDC Systems. Common hardware and software configurations are covered in depth. Emphasis is placed on real world troubleshooting and operation scenarios. Note: The instructor, Ron Auvil, designed and taught the training course for new technicians for Johnson Controls

Prerequisite: None, This is a perfect class for those new to DDC Systems

Course Length: 2 Days 8am-4pm



  • Types and History of Control Systems

  • Development of Building Automation Systems

  • Commercial HVAC Systems

  • Building Automation Systems and Controllers- Troubleshooting

  • Building Automation System Inputs and Outputs

  • Building Automation System Installation, Wiring, and Testing

  • Networking and Web-Based Control

  • Direct Digital Control Strategies

  • Supervisory Control Strategies

  • Building Automation System Retrofit of Existing Systems

  • Building System Management

  • Troubleshooting

About The Instructor:


Ron Auvil has 37 years of HVAC and Controls Experience. This includes 34 years teaching experience. He has worked as a senior controls technician for Johnson Controls. He has also taught HVAC controls classes across the United States for Johnson Controls, Honeywell, and others. He has written the definitive textbook on pneumatic and DDC control systems ‘HVAC Control Systems’ 3rd Edition, from American Technical Publishers.