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Course #331-Johnson Controls CCT/PCT Configuration/Engineering Course

(Authorized Contractor and End-User Only) ($950 per person)

(2½  days; Day 1 and 2- 8am-3:30pm, Day 3- 8am-1130am)

Johnson Controls CCT and PCT Software are very similar. This class will equip you to install, program, commission, service, and troubleshoot Johnson Controls FEC and PCG Family Controllers. The class will include hands-on use of FEC and PCG Controllers, CCT and PCT software and Bluetooth interfaces. Proper installation and troubleshooting procedures will be discussed as well. A stress is placed on actual real world troubleshooting scenarios and problems. Hands-On Labs are Included.

Prerequisite: Commercial HVAC Bootcamp Class or Equivalent Experience


·         Overview of FEC and PCG Products

·         State Based Control Basics

·         Bluetooth Installation, Setup, Troubleshooting, Tips and Tricks

·         Control Strategies- Using Help File

·         CCT and PCT Software Basics

·         Upload, Download, Upgrade Firmware with CCT and PCT

·         Simulation Mode with CCT and PCT

·         FEC, IOM, VMA, PCG, PCX, PCV Controller Hardware and Installation

·         Adding Points to Existing Controller

·         Troubleshooting Common Controller Problems

·         MSTP Field Bus Installation Requirements and Troubleshooting

·         Sideloops

·         Introduction to Wireless Installations and Setup

About The Instructor:


Ron Auvil has 39 years of HVAC and Controls Experience. He has worked as a senior controls technician for Johnson Controls. He has also taught HVAC and Controls classes across the United States for Johnson Controls, Honeywell, and others. He has written a number of textbooks, including ‘HVAC Control Systems’ ‘IT for HVAC Technicians’ and ‘HVAC and Refrigeration Systems’ Edition, from American Technical Publishers